Elaine Rose Glickman is an author, a teacher, and a parent – and she put all of these facets together in writing Your Kid’s a Brat, and It’s All Your Fault. A parenting advice columnist for Mommy Magazine and a featured guest on the syndicated television talk show Daytime, Elaine guides parents on everything from kids who eat only five foods to kids who won’t put down their phones for more than five minutes. She chairs a top-rated Florida preschool and creates and facilitates educational programs for children of all ages.

Elaine also holds a Master of Arts in Hebrew Letters and rabbinic ordination, and she has published many books of Jewish nonfiction, including the National Jewish Book Award finalist Sacred Parenting. She lectures widely on topics ranging from biblical women to Jewish messianic literature to theodicy, or the problem of evil, and writes a featured blog for the Jerusalem Post entitled “The Streets of Jerusalem.”

Elaine lives in Florida with her husband and three children, who are beautifully behaved, brilliant, creative, kind, and perfect in every way. Yes, she’s messing with you. They are great kids, though.