What People Are Saying about Your Kid’s a Brat, and It’s All Your Fault

“Elaine Rose Glickman is not afraid to call a brat a brat. Our wonderful kids we love so much CAN be selfish, interrupting, non-sharing, meal-ruining, bank-breaking, party-demanding brats. That doesn’t mean things can’t change, especially with a little help from someone calm and smart and, thank God, FUNNY. Glickman understands that even the best intentions can sometimes backfire when it comes to parenting, and helps us understand how to nip brattiness in the bud.”

—Lenore Skenazy, founder of the book, blog, and movement “Free-Range Kids”

“Sensible suggestions on how to raise your children so they don’t become screaming brats who offend everyone around them. ..Beginning with toddlers and advancing through the tween years, Glickman gives levelheaded advice mixed with a healthy dose of humor to any parent who has cringed at their child’s behavior: screaming in a store, running wildly through a restaurant, or throwing a temper tantrum at being denied anything. The author covers children interacting with pets, children who bite, picky eaters, clinging behavior, rudeness, and a host of other topics common to toddlers and preschoolers.

By stopping bratty behavior at the earliest ages, parents are less likely to have issues later, but if spoiled and demanding performances are already part of the daily norm, Glickman reassures parents that there is still time to correct these matters. As children grow, the concerns shift; your tween may claim he or she is bored, won’t turn off any number of electronic devices, or have begun to use inappropriate language. Glickman offers advice for these topics and numerous others. She also provides some handy checklists – e.g., “Helpful Phrases to Use with Your Kid” and “Jobs for Toddlers” – for easy access to quick information that should help parents get through almost any situation. Entertaining common-sense advice for parents to ensure that their children don’t run amok.”

—Kirkus Review

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