Your Kid’s a Brat and It’s All Your Fault

by Elaine Rose Glickman


You’ve seen them – kids running wild through restaurants while the parents avert their gaze and order another cappuccino. You’ve heard them – kids telling their parents to “shut up” and “get me that.” You’ve met them – kids who roll their eyes and never say thank you and have better phones than you do.
Maybe one of those kids belongs to you.
You can recite plenty of reasons for this less-than­-stellar behavior: the phases kids go through, the pressure of school, the influence of media, the ubiquity of poor role models.
But as you do an extra load of wash because your kid will wear only one nightgown, prepare an extra meal because your kid will eat only three foods, or haul yourself into the car to chauffeur your kid around while he ignores your attempts at conversation – maybe there’s a voice inside you whispering another reason.
Maybe that voice is saying: Your kid’s a brat, and it’s all your fault.
Parenting isn’t easy; but taking back the reins of authority, demanding respect and courtesy, and – most of all – loving your kid enough to be the boss will make it a lot more enjoyable and rewarding. Your Kid’s a Brat, and It’s All Your Fault will help you do so. Whether your kid is a whining and biting toddler, an interrupting and demanding grade-schooler, or a snarky and selfish tween, Your Kid’s a Brat, and It’s All Your Fault provides a blueprint for parenting in a new and better way.